Aloha! I'm Sharon, a product designer born in Seoul, Korea, raised in Hawaii, and currently designing in New York City🗽
First of all, thanks for visiting my space! You might be wondering why I have two names up there; Dayoung is my given name and Sharon is the name my friends know me by!
Right now, I'm studying Interaction Design @svaixd. Previously, I studied Communication Design @cmudesign.
If you are into 35mm, zines, interior design, fashion, and are a foodie, I would love to chat!
Work Experience
Product Design Intern
09.2021 – Present
Brooklyn, NY
Laying out the foundations for Runway's first Design Systems
Product Design Intern
02.2021 – Present
Palo Alto, CA
@Cloud Services Platform
Graduate Assistant
@Interaction Design, School of Visual Arts
09.2020 – Present
New York, NY
Developed and led three to four lectures for the semester.
Product Design Intern
@Carnegie Learning
06.2019 – 08.2019
Pittsburgh, PA
Created wireframes for an online tutor platform based on user insights provided by the product manager. Shipped the rebranded Help Center website.
User Experience Design Intern
08.2018 – 12.2018
Pittsburgh, PA
Conducted user research with middle school students for Lynette, a math tutor software for middle school students, and created UI components for the Lynette dashboard.
Product Designer
@New York Times
01.2021 – Present
New York, NY
Helping college students with free news resources discover relevant news topics to increase readership. (SVA project)
Product Designer
09.2020 – 12.2020
New York, NY
Led a team of 3 designers through the end-to-end design process from research, user interviews, ideation, prototyping, to final pitch presentation to the Doblin team. (SVA Project)
New York, NY
Graphic illustrations for Bigtincan's Office of Design.
Product Designer, Design Systems
@Iris Lunar Rover
08.2019 – 08.2020
Pittsburgh, PA
Established a design system to enhance consistency across the four product interfaces of the Iris Lunar Rover.
School of Visual Arts
09.2020 –05.2022
New York, NY
MFA in Interaction Design
Carnegie Mellon University
08.2016 05.2020
Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor in Design, Communication Design
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